Instant Price Estimate

If you do NOT know your exact measurements, but would like to have a quick price estimate to give yourself an idea of cost, use the instant price estimator form below. Please note that this will only generate an estimated price which is accurate to the nearest meter. The price may vary when you input your actual measurements in our BUY ONLINE SECTION.

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A bit of help understanding what is required…

Type of Handrail

You can opt to keep your existing handrails and just install made to measure glass balustrades.

You can include our contemporary brushed stainless steel handrail with your made to measure glass balustrades.

You can include our stylish english oak handrails with your made to measure glass balustrades.

Number of Staircase and Landing Sections & Total Lengths

A ‘Staircase Balustrade Section‘ is defined as an area of angled balustrade which runs between two newel posts, running up the stairs. If you have a simple straight staircase, this is likely to be made up of one single section, however if you’re staircase turns at any point then you’re likely to have multiple sections.

A ‘Landing Balustrade Section’ is defined as a part of the landing which runs straight between a newel post or wall, to another newel post or wall. Each section will require its own piece of handrail.

‘Total Combined Lengths’ is the sum of handrail lengths for each section.

Above and right you can see examples of common requirements. The landing above has three sections in total and the combined length is 4 meters. The image on the right shows a staircase and landing requirement, with one landing section and one staircase section. The landing section is approximately 2m long, while the staircase section is approximately 3m long.