PART 1: How to renovate the heart of your home on a budget.

The decision to DIY refurbish your home is a daunting one, but a one which is becoming more popular with each day. Of course the internet is at the heart of this change. We now have Instagram and Pinterest teasing us every day with images of amazing homes and new inspiration for decoration ideas, while the  thousands of DIY tutorial videos available on YouTube make it all that bit more accessible.

Decorating and refurnishing your home is a great way to make it feel fresh and stylish without calling in the contractors to start knocking down walls and re-mapping your floorplan. A few great ways to transform your home quickly and cheaply are:



Change the front door. If your door is in good condition, you may just decide to paint it, but changing or renovating your front door is a great way to give visitors the best first impression.


Restore hallway tiles. If you have original old tiles that are looking a bit worn, don’t give up yet. Tiles often gather a layer of old polish and worked in grime which detracts from their charm. You might also have a few that have broken or worked loose. A bit of online research will unearth all the information you need to restore your tiles to their former glory.


Fit new staircase balustrade. Many people assume that refurbishing the staircase would cost a fortune, but that’s not necessarily the case! As well as laying down a new runner, you could completely renovate the balustrade itself (that’s the handrail and supporting spindles), often for under £500.

StairFurb offers completely made to measure, DIY installation systems which allow you to have bespoke glass panels and either oak or brushes stainless steel handrails, giving the heart of your home a contemporary and stylish look at incredible value.

If your looking to save even more money or are on a very tight budget, StairFurb even supplies made to measure systems which can be installed to your existing handrail, so all you need to do it remove the spindles, re-paint and then fit the new glass panels (all fixtures and fittings are provided). Their measuring guide video tutorial shows exactly how to find out the required dimensions and the extremely knowledgeable service team are always just a phone call away and more than willing to help answer any questions you might have.

The StairFurb system is specially designed to make it very simple to measure, purchase and install, enabling you to transform the heart of your home for unbeatable value.



Lay down a sleek new stair runner. With people going up and down the stairs every day staircase carpet is usually the first to show signs of ware. Worried about having to recapped the whole house, just to replace the stair section? Why not update shabby treads with a stylish stair runner? It’s also a great place to indulge in some colour. stripes like these can make a real impact without being too overwhelming.