StairFurb Product Components

Made to Measure Handrails

If you decide you’d like to upgrade your handrials with a new StairFurb handrail system, there are two choices:

  • Untreated English Oak
  • Brushed Stainless Steel

Both handrail options are 42.4mm diameter and come in maximum lengths of 4m. The handrails are fitted with our brushed stainless steel handrail brackets (seen below).

Made to Measure Glass Panels

Our StairFurb glass is all bespoke cut and specifically designed for internal use. All our glass is:

  • 8mm thick,
  • polished edges,
  • radius corners
  • Toughened.

The longest any one panel can be is 1.1m, due to building regulations. We allow 50mm horizontal space between newel post or wall and the glass and between each panel of glass. We also allow approximately 27mm vertical space above and below the glass, which is to allow space for clamps.

Brushed Stainless Steel Handrail brackets

All of our handrail brackets are made from 304 grade brushed stainless steel. We have three handrail brackets which we use in our systems:

  • Type A/C newel post fixing brackets. These are used for landing sections.┬áThe fixing plate for these are 65 x 95mm
  • Fixed angle brackets. For staircases that have an angle of incline of 48 or 49 degree, we use our fixed angle brackets. The fixing plate for these are 70 x 120mm
  • Pivot Bracket. This is used for all other angled staircase sections. It has an 89mm fixing plate, so a newel post of at least 90mm wide is required. We ┬ásometimes used for Type C landing sections, when the 90 degree return is too short to use a section of handrail.

Brushed Stainless Steel Glass Clamps

Our StairFurb glass clamps are specifically designed to fit with our 8mm glass panels. They are fitted to the underside of the handrail and the top of the base rail. If you order your system with out handrails, then it will come with the curved back glass clamps already fitted. All other clamps will be supplied as flat backed clamps, for you to fit.

We supply two types of clamps:

  • Pressed Steel Clamps. These are supplied with systems which do not include a StairFurb handrail. These clamps are all supplied with flat back and are 25mm x 44mm x 50mm
  • Cast Steel Clamps. These are supplied with systems which include the StairFurb handrails. Clamps for the handrail will have curved back to fit the rail and will be supplied pre-fitted to the handrail. Bottom clamps will have a flat back and are 22mm x 40mm x 50mm

English Oak Base Rail Capping

We have untreated English Oak base rail capping available. If when you remove your spindles, you’re left with a damaged stringer, you can opt to fill the damage and paint over, or cover it with a nice oak rail capping. Our capping is 50mm wide with a 40mm wide channel up the centre. The base rail come is maximum lengths of 2700mm, so if your system length is more than that you will need to join two pieces.

Solid Oak Newel Post

Our StairFurb solid oak newel post is made from the same oak as our oak handrail, so you can have a matching set.

The dimensions of the posts are 90mm x 90mm x 900mm ans they have a spigot which is 40mm diameter and 120mm long

We recommend that you have your newel posts installed by a professional, since accurate elignment is essential.